Thursday, July 4, 2013

Azure : Common Scenarios with Windows Azure Mobile Services

Windows Azure Mobile Services has been available for over four months now and it’s been getting more awesome every day.  If you aren’t already aware, Mobile Services is a turnkey backend solution for making mobile apps.  In other words, if you’re building a mobile app but don’t want to worry about coding, testing, deploying, and supporting a backend, you can spin up a Mobile Service and use that as your backend.  This gives you access to tons of features including structured storage, authentication, push notifications, and scheduled backend jobs.  If you compare the time it would take you to build all of those features on your own, the time savings is crazy!  Today I’m going to collect and present a number of links to solutions for common scenarios and questions that come up when using Mobile Services.  As you’ll see, even in this short period of time, lots of people have started to use and enhance Mobile Services.

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