Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cassandra : Instagram's Shift to Cassandra from Redis by Rick Branson


Cassandra is a critical part of Instagram's large scale site infrastructure that supports more than 100 million active users. They recently made the switch from Redis to Cassandra and this talk is a practical deep dive into data models, systems architecture, and challenges encountered during the implementation process.

The Good with Redis

  • It's easy to prototype
    • You don't need to worry about how fast you put data in and take data out because it's in memory.

The Bad with Redis

  • Redis is an in-memory datastore and memory is expensive
    • If you're storing stuff in it that you aren't reading all the time, it falls apart for those use cases
  • In-memory degrades poorly
    • This is a bad cliff — you will hit a wall and getting out of that hole is nearly impossible
  • Flat namespace
    • You don't know what's in there
  • Heap fragmentation 
  • Single Threaded

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