Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Each software development project is unique, but how unique is it?


Each software development project is unique, but how unique is it? - Bente Anda from Roots conference on Vimeo.

Abstract -

A software customer develops requirements specifications for software systems and contracts software development companies to develop them. But it is difficult to choose the right contractor. Estimates of the resources needed are uncertain, and consequently price and schedule are uncertain. There may also be large variations in the quality of the delivered systems, for example in the number and severity of defects, in usability, and in how maintainable they turn out to be when the customer takes on responsibility for further development and maintenance.

So how much variation might there be between price and between solutions from different contractors? And to what extent can we expect better quality if we give the developers more resources and time? These questions are difficult to answer since each software development project tend to be unique regarding requirements, technology, development method, project organization and many other aspects.

Still this lightning talk will give you some answers: We will look at four projects that each developed a web-based solution based on the same functional requirements and used the same development platform. We will look at the variation in price, schedule and quality of these projects and solutions, and we will look at to what extent a higher price actually gave higher quality.

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