Thursday, July 18, 2013

Google App Engine 1.8.2 released

Google announced the release of App Engine 1.8.2 which includes significant improvements for large-scale application development, developer tooling, runtimes and a new dedicated memcache service. 

Some of the area's are

  • Dedicated Memcache - With dedicated memcache one can have in-memory data caching capacity exclusively for application, cache more data and drive up cache hit rates. With higher cache hit rates, dedicated memcache can also reduce Datastore costs and make your application faster than ever.
  • Git Support - Now you can deploy Python and PHP applications to App Engine with the Source Push-to-Deploy feature.
  • Modules - App Engine Modules is a new feature that allows developers to split out large-scale applications into logical components that are able to share stateful services and communicate in a secure fashion. Not all components within an application are equal and often times they require their own performance configurations, authorization, and versioning.
  • PHP Runtime - Now support for mcrypt, iconv and mbstring extensions, as well as the ability to include and/or require PHP scripts directly from Google Cloud Storage - helpful when using templating systems such as Smarty.
  • Python Runtime - updated Python 2.7 interpreter to Python 2.7.5

Read more details here 

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