Monday, July 22, 2013

Logplex - a distributed syslog log router

Logplex is a distributed syslog log router, able to merge and redistribute multiple incoming streams of syslog logs to individual subscribers.

A typical logplex installation will be a cluster of distributed Erlang nodes connected in a mesh, with one or more redis instances (which can be sharded). The cluster may or may not be sitting behind a load-balancer or proxy, but any of them may be contacted at any time for ideal scenarios.

Applications sitting on their own node or server need to send their log messages either to a local syslog, or though log shuttle, which will then forward them to one instance of a logplex router.

On the other end of the spectrum, consumers may subscribe to a logplex instance, which will then merge streams of incoming log messages and forward them to the subscriber. Alternatively, the consumer may register a given endpoint (say, a database behind the proper API) and logplex nodes will be able to push messages to that end-point as they come in.

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