Friday, July 5, 2013

On Importing Data into Neo4j

Being able to run interesting queries against a graph database like Neo4j requires the data to be in there in the first place. As many users have questions in this area, I thought a series on importing data into Neo4j would be helpful to get started. This series covers both importing small and moderate data volumes for examples and demonstrations, but also large scale data ingestion.

For operations where massive amounts of data flow in or out of a Neo4j database, the interaction with the available APIs should be more considerate than with your usual, ad-hoc, local graph queries.

This blog series will discuss several ways of importing data into Neo4j and the considerations you should make when choosing one or the other. There is a dedicated page about importing data on which will help you getting started but needs feedback to improve.

Basically Neo4j offers several APIs to import data. Preferably the Cypher query language should be used as it is easiest to use from any programming language. The Neo4j Server’s REST API is not suited for massive data import, only the batch-operation endpoint and the Cypher REST and transactional HTTP (from Neo4j 2.0) endpoints are of interest there. Neo4j’s Java Core APIs provide a way of avoiding network overhead and driving data import directly from a programmatic source of data and also allow to drop down to the lowest API levels for high speed ingestion.

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