Monday, August 19, 2013

Amazon ELB Multi region migration checklist

Amazon Elastic Load Balancing has a Amazon EC2 Regional scope. It needs to be migrated to alternate Amazon EC2 region in event of DR or during new migration setup . I am sharing my experience in this post as few checklists/areas that needs to be taken care during this Amazon ELB migration to alternate EC2 region:

  1. Amazon ELB automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple Amazon EC2 instances in Multiple Availability Zones. Amazon EC2 regions have different levels of AZ's, US-East EC2 region has 5 AZ's and Singapore has 2 AZ's. When you are migrating the ELB make sure your configuration matches the levels of target Amazon EC2 region Availability zones . 
  2. When Amazon ELB is created on target Amazon EC2 region, the ELB endpoint will be different from the source one. This has to be re configured on your Route 53 and other thick clients during migration.
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