Friday, August 2, 2013

An Introduction to Java 8 Compact Profiles

Java SE is a very impressive platform indeed, but with all that functionality comes a large and ever increasing footprint. It stands to reason then that one of the more frequent requests from the community has been the desire to deploy only those components required for a particular application instead of the entire Java SE runtime environment. Referred to as subsetting, the benefits of such a concept would seem to be many:

  • A smaller Java environment would require less compute resources, thus opening up a new domain of devices previously thought to be too humble for Java. 
  • A smaller runtime environment could be better optimized for performance and start up time. 
  • Elimination of unused code is always a good idea from a security perspective. 
  • If the environment could be pared down significantly, there may be tremendous benefit to bundling runtimes with each individual Java application. 
  • These bundled applications could be downloaded more quickly.
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