Monday, August 19, 2013

Designing Distributed Systems With ZooKeeper

Let’s face it—designing distributed systems can be tough. There’s just no one-size-fits-all tool for creating distributed services: Every distributed application has a unique set of tolerances with regard to reliability, scalability, response time, and other performance factors. At Gilt, our toolbox for supporting distributed service development includes Apache ZooKeeper, RabbitMQ, Kafka and a smattering of distributed data stores. We made these technology choices based on years of hands-on development at Gilt, decades of cumulative experience across our engineering team and (literally) endless internal debate.

By no means are Gilt engineers restricted to using the tools listed above, but most of us stick to using them because together they provide a solid foundation upon which to build a variety of solutions. ZooKeeper in particular has proven to be a fantastic tool for synchronizing distributed systems. For synchronizing data across nodes, it provides a set of APIs with simple and understandable behaviors, which leaves less room for misinterpretation. It also allows engineers to avoid getting bogged down by the common bugs and race conditions inherent to distributed synchronization. If you’re not familiar with ZooKeeper, you should check it out.

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