Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Five MMS Monitoring Alerts to Keep Your MongoDB Deployment on Track

MongoDB Management Service (MMS) is is a cloud-based suite of services for managing MongoDB deployments, providing both monitoring and backup capabilities. In this post, we'll outline 5 alerts you should set up in MMS to keep your MongoDB deployment on track. We’ll explore what each alert means for a MongoDB instance, as well as how to calibrate the alert triggers to be relevant to your environment.

The goal here is to make this a repeatable process for any and all alerts. First let’s describe the general validation process you should go through when picking an alert:

  1. Is there an absolute limit to alert on, regardless of context? (usually the answer is no, or if it is yes, you will generally want to know at some point prior to this happening) 
  2. Determine what is normal (baseline) 
  3. Determine what is worrying (warning) 
  4. Determine what is a definite problem (critical) 
  5. Determine the likelihood of false positives
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