Friday, August 2, 2013

Taking the Riak plunge

As with most companies that approach the 100 million-row count in MySQL, we’re starting to hit growing pains. We’re also a bit abnormal in our DB needs – our load is about 45% write. This is rather unfortunate for us – read replicas are way less useful for our particular needs, especially as you still have to have a single write-master. We realize there are master-master setups, but the complications are too much to deal with.

So we’ve been adding RAM as our indexes grow (currently around 23.5G and growing), but vertical scaling forever is obviously a non-starter. We’re also planning for a huge bump in data when we release to Android, so we started looking around at other solutions.

This conversation doesn’t go far before we start talking about NoSQL, but we don’t care about the “SQL-iness” of a solution. What we care about are:

  • Horizontal scalability 
  • Speed 
  • Keysets larger than RAM not killing the DB 
  • Ease of scaling (add a node, get performance)
  • Ease of management (small ops team) 
  • Runs well on AWS (EC2) 
  • Great community and support 
  • Load-balanced

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