Thursday, September 5, 2013

Contemplate Delivers ThreadSafe Java Concurrency Static Analysis Tool


Contemplate, a U.K. startup focused on software quality, has announced ThreadSafe 1.2, a new version of its tool to help Java developers better handle concurrency in applications they build.

ThreadSafe identifies application risks and security vulnerabilities associated with concurrency problems in Java code. The technology was previously only available to selected customers. However, version 1.2 adds new features and opens the technology to a wide range of end users, the company said.

"Our latest release is a significant milestone for ThreadSafe," Contemplate CEO Derick James, said in a statement. "The deep analysis capability in our previous releases is being recognized as a key tool in removing application risk. With our latest release, we have added further powerful investigation support to help the users understand often subtle and complex code issues. Customer feedback has been hugely positive about the increased ability to pinpoint flaws in their code."

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