Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Efficient Techniques For Loading Data Into Memory

Data loading usually has to do with initializing cache data on startup. However, quite often caches need to be loaded or reloaded periodically and not only on startup. In cases when you need to load lots of data, either at startup or at any point after, using standard cache put(...) or putAll(...) operations is generally inefficient, especially when transactional boundaries are not important. This is especially true when data has to be partitioned across the network, so you don't know in advance on which node the data will end up.

For fast loading of large amounts of data GridGain provides a cool mechanism called data-loader (implemented via GridDataLoader). The data loader will properly batch keys together and collocate those batches with nodes on which the data will be cached. By controlling the size of the batch and the size of internal transactions it is possible to achieve very fast data loading rates.

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