Wednesday, September 25, 2013

HTTP Archive + BigQuery = Web Performance Answers


HTTP Archive is a treasure trove of web performance data. Launched in late 2010, the project crawls over 300,000 most popular sites twice a month and records how the web is built: number and types of resources, size of each resource, whether the resources are compressed or marked as cacheable, times to render the page, time to first paint, and so on - you get the point.

The HTTP Archive site itself provides a number interesting stats and aggregate trends, but the data on the site only scratches the surface of the kinds of questions you can ask! To satisfy your curiousity, all you need to do is download and import ~400GB of raw SQL/CSV data. Easy, right? Yeah, not really. Instead, wouldn't it be nice if we had the full dataset of all the HTTP Archive data to query on demand, and with ad-hoc questions?

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