Friday, September 6, 2013

Migrate On-Premises MySQL Data to Amazon RDS (and back)


I love to demo Amazon RDS. It is really cool to be able to launch a relational database instance in minutes, and to show my audiences how it manages scaling, backups, restores, patches, and availability so that they can focus on their application.

After my demo, I invariably get questions about data migration. The audiences see the power and value of RDS and are interested in moving their existing data (and applications) to the cloud. However, because most databases are processing changes all the time, this is a non-trivial exercise.

Today we are introducing a pair of new features to simplify the process of migrating data to Amazon RDS running MySQL, and back out again. Both of these features rely on MySQL's replication capabilities and are designed to be used in conjunction with MySQL 5.5 (version 5.5.33 or later) and 5.6 (version 5.6.13 or later).

As you may know, replication works by copying the data modification operations (INSERT, DELETE, and so forth) performed on the master to the slave, and then running them on the slave. As long as the master and the slave start with identical copies of the replicated database tables, the two will stay in sync.

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