Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mobile Developer Productivity - Couchbase announces JSON Anywhere


The mobile technology Couchbase announces today marks the beginning of a transition for mobile application developers: away from the web-centric LAMP stack and toward an integrated mobile stack. With JSON Anywhere, developers are free to concentrate on creating value for users, rather than writing reams of code dedicated to pushing data between devices and the cloud. Our engineers have been focussing on developer experience from the beginning of this project, so there are a lot of details that should make you happy, from social login support to live data binding for iOS's UITableView, but the two aspects that will have the biggest impact on productivity are the flexibility of JSON schemas, and the seamless sync of JSON with other devices and the backend database.

Like many developers, I was first drawn to NoSQL for the flexibility of JSON as a database format. Because you can add new fields to your documents at any time, application developers are never left waiting for a database migration. There's been plenty said about using JSON with agile development practices, so I won't repeat it here. What's important about Couchbase Lite is that it brings the power and flexibility of JSON to mobile.

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