Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Oracle JDK 7u40 released - security features, hardfloat ARM, Java Mission Control and more


Oracle JDK 7 Update 40 is now available. This release introduces the following new features:

  1. Java Mission Control. This is an advanced monitoring/diagnostics tool inherited from JRockit, now fully supported on the JDK 7. Also adds new features such as a DTrace plugin. 
  2. Java Flight Recorder, again a feature ported over from JRockit. This is a really cool feature that enables you to record events and metrics during runtime, and then extract them at will. You can even dump all or part of the data on a user-defined alert. Eg, "Why did that transaction take more than 1 second? Give me the last 10 seconds of data in your buffer so that I can figure out what went wrong." 
  3. Support for the Apple Retina display with Swing/AWT and JavaFX. 
  4. A new JDK binary for hardfloat Linux/ARM, for ARM-based micro servers and development boards. Yes, this means that we now have official JDK 7 support for the default Raspbian Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi. 
  5. A new Deployment Rule Set feature to enable fine granular controls for execution of Applet and WebStart applications. 
  6. Security feature enhancements for applets, JAXP and x.509 certificates. 
The new update of the JRE and the JDK are available from OTN.

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