Monday, September 16, 2013

Plumbr drops Eclipse over Intellij


As a background – all of us in Plumbr have all been using Eclipse for as long as we can possibly remember. But when I just looked around in the office I saw our whole team being converted to IntelliJ IDEA users. So what made us to jump the old free-to-ride warhorse and go with something we need to pay up to $600 per seat? If you bear with me I give you several reasons why you could also consider the move.

For years, our friend Anton Arhipov has tried to convince us. He kept failing until he demoed something as simple as ALT+ENTER. Based on the documentation it is not doing much – just using the suggested quick fix. But this feature is backed by something that makes many other IntelliJ features so much more pleasing to use.

Indexing. Whatever the JetBrains guys are doing under the hood, their indexing is blazingly fast and supports different content. This benefits of the fast indexing are paying off in several different usability features:

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