Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Versioning RESTful Services v2


Since publishing both the REST Fundamentals course as well as my previous post on RESTful API versioning, I’ve had the opportunity to think more about versioning in practice as I’ve been a part of designing the next major revision to the NuGet API (v3). This has been very helpful for a couple of reasons, but the most important one is that NuGet is a real application that has both non-trivial scale requirements and a number of different clients – many of which are not controlled by the NuGet core team. Going through this API design exercise has both validated some of my earlier thinking as well as revised some other thinking. The point of this post is to lay some of that out. The NuGet experience has also surfaced some other architectural concepts which I’ll mention here but save the details for a later post (part of why this post was so delayed is that I was thinking that I would try to cover both new architectural principles and API versioning revisions in the same post – and I’ve now realized that there’s no need to hold up one for the sake of the other).

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