Monday, October 14, 2013

MySQL Performance: The Road to 500K QPS with MySQL 5.7


Looking back in the history of MySQL / InnoDB improvement, you may easily realize that there was no any so big speed-up(s) between releases in read-only (RO) performance as they came with MySQL 5.6. And it's easy to understand as well that without having a good level of scalability on read-only, it's hard to expect to reach a good level on read+write (specially when reads are dominating ;-))

However, we were so happy with RO performance in MySQL 5.6, that with 5.7 we turned our main focus on the read+write (RW), because on big data volumes things are not yet going as we wish.. But the RW dependency on RO jumped up once more again, and then InnoDB team came with few more improvements to push the max QPS level in 5.7 yet more far.

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