Friday, October 25, 2013

Performance Tuning MongoDB on Solidfire


We recently had a large enterprise customer implement a MongoDB sharded cluster on SolidFire as the backend for a global e-commerce system. By leveraging solid-state drive technology with features like storage virtualization, Quality of Service (guaranteed IOPS per volume), and horizontal scaling, the customer was looking to combine the benefits of dedicated storage performance with the simplicity and scalability of a MongoDB environment.

During the implementation the customer reached out to us with some performance and tuning questions, requesting our assistance with the configuration. After meeting with the team and reviewing the available statistics, we discovered response times that were deemed out of range for the application’s performance requirements. Response times were ~13-20ms (with an average of 15-17 ms). While this is considered acceptable latency in many implementations, the team was targeting < 5ms average query response times.

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