Wednesday, October 9, 2013

RAW - open source data visualization under 5 mins


Raw is an open web tool developed at the DensityDesign Research Lab (Politecnico di Milano) to create custom vector-based visualizations on top of the amazing d3.js library by Mike Bostock. Primarily conceived as a tool for designers and vis geeks, Raw aims at providing a missing link between spreadsheet applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Docs, OpenRefine, …) and vector graphics editors (e.g. Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, ...).

Raw works with delimiter-separated values (i.e. csv and tsv files) as well as with copied-and-pasted texts from other applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel, TextWrangler, TextEdit,…). Based on the svg format, visualizations can be easily edited with vector graphics applications for further refinements, or directly embedded into web pages.

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