Thursday, October 31, 2013

Several Architectural Styles with Java EE 7


If you are like me, in your career you came across Architects who want to homogenize every single application in the company : from the smallest web app to the biggest application. All projects have to conform to the 542 pages In-house Architectural Guide and develop a 6 tier application (it could be 5, 6, 7 or 8 tiers, look like architects are paid by the tier). This is wrong. In fact, you should follow the good old saying : the right tool for the right job, or, the right architecture for the right project’s needs. And you could go even further : the right language for the right application and so on. Due to my Java EE background, I’m sticking to Java EE 7 in this post (JSF front end, EJBs services, JAX-RS endoints and JPA entities). So, how many architectural styles you can create with Java EE 7 ? An infinite ;o)

I’m writing this blog because I was showing the code generated by JBoss Forge to a colleague and he went “Forge doesn’t create a 5-tier web application“… and so what ? In this post I’ll explain the default code generated by JBoss Forge (which I call Horizontal Service Style) and the other variants you can create from it.

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