Wednesday, October 23, 2013

ZeroVM lightweight hypervisor


Rackspace acquired ZeroVM, a lightweight open-source hypervisor created by LiteStack and built to run cloud applications. ZeroVM breaks down the barriers between compute and storage. Where traditional cloud architectures have needed to move the data to the app for processing, ZeroVM flips that approach and moves the app to the data. This dramatically increases speed of access and decreases latency.

ZeroVM is efficient because it is made to virtualize applications, not machines. The runtime virtualizes only the server parts that do the actual work at hand – making it much faster. Today, the fastest virtual servers take at least two minutes to create, while ZeroVM takes less than 5 milliseconds – or 1/20,000th as long. ZeroVM is fast enough that you can put every request into its own mini-VM to spread horizontally.

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