Thursday, November 14, 2013

Amazon AppStream - Deliver Streaming Applications from the Cloud


How would you like to build high-fidelity, graphically rich applications that run on a wide variety of devices, start instantly, and have access to all of the compute and storage resources of the AWS Cloud? What about giving this capability to existing applications?

That's a tall order; fortunately, our new Amazon AppStream service is up to the task! This service hosts and runs your server-side application code on a fleet of Amazon EC2 instances. Your users run the client side of your application on the desktop or mobile device of their choice; AppStream (as the name implies) streams the output of the application to the device. The client application can be a simple, lightweight gateway or bridge that's quick to download and requires a modest amount of local storage.

You can easily adapt existing applications to run in this new environment. You can also build new applications that take full advantage of AppStream's unique architecture. AppStream even gives you the flexibility to stream part of your application from the cloud while running the rest of it on the client device.

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