Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Compute Engine Load Balancing hits 1 million requests per second!

The C10k problem is so last century. How about serving 1 million load balanced requests per second in the cloud? Using publicly available Google Cloud Platform services, including Google Compute Load Balancing, we have done exactly that. Within 5 seconds after the setup and without any pre-warming, our load balancer was able to serve 1 million requests per second and sustain that level.

This number is 20 times greater than the throughput in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, which served 125 million users in Europe and was hosted on Google Compute Engine. The Eurovision setup used DNS load balancing, which increases the complexity of setup, maintenance and cost. We were able to simplify this process using Compute Engine Load Balancing, which avoids these issues by providing simple APIs and allowing a single IP address to serve all traffic at a lower cost than do-it-yourself options. In addition, Compute Engine Load Balancing has the ability to detect unhealthy instances and dynamically add and remove new instances to serve traffic. This addresses the hard-to-solve problem of cached DNS entries in end-user browsers. No more “404’s”.

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