Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How To Make An Infinitely Scalable RDBMS

InfiniSQL is the specific "Infinitely Scalable RDBMS" to which the title refers. It is free software, and instructions for getting, building, running and testing it are available in the guide. Benchmarking shows that an InfiniSQL cluster can handle over 500,000 complex transactions per second with over 100,000 simultaneous connections, all on twelve small servers. The methods used to test are documented, and the code is all available so that any practitioner can achieve similar results. There are two main characteristics which make InfiniSQL extraordinary:

  1. It performs transactions with records on multiple nodes better than any clustered/distributed RDBMS 
  2. It is free, open source. Not just a teaser "community" version with the good stuff proprietary. The community version of InfiniSQL will also be the enterprise version, when it is ready.

InfiniSQL is still in early stages of development--it already has many capabilities, but many more are necessary for it to be useful in a production environment.

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