Friday, November 15, 2013

Intro - What is Hazelcast?


This article by Mat Johns, the author of Getting Started with Hazelcast, gives a brief description about Hazelcast. By the end of this article, you will be aware that Hazelcast is a radical new approach to data, designed from the ground up around distribution. It embraces a new scalable way of thinking. The major feature about Hazelcast is its master less nature; each node is configured to be functionally the same.

Most, if not all, applications need to store some data, some applications far more than others. By holding this article in your eager hands and starting to flip through its pages, it might be safe to assume you have previously worked to architect, develop, or support applications more towards the latter end of that scale. We could imagine that you are all too painfully familiar with the common pitfalls and issues that tend to crop up around scaling or distributing your data layer. But to make sure we are all up to speed, in this article, we shall examine:

  • Traditional approaches to data persistence 
  • How caches have helped improve performance, but bring about their own problems 
  • Hazelcast's fresh approach to the problem 
  • A brief overview its generic capabilities 
  • Summary of what type of problems we might solve using it
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