Monday, November 4, 2013

Schema Design for Social Inboxes in MongoDB


Designing a schema is a critical part of any application. Like most databases, there are many options for modeling data in MongoDB, and it is important to incorporate the functional requirements and performance goals for your application when determining the best design. In this post, we’ll explore three approaches for using MongoDB when creating social inboxes or message timelines.

If you’re building a social network, like Twitter for example, you need to design a schema that is efficient users viewing their inbox, as well as users sending messages to all their followers. The whole point of social media, after all, is that you can connect in real time.

There are several design considerations for this kind of application:

  • The application needs to support a potentially large volume of reads and writes. 
  • Reads and writes are not uniformly distributed across users. Some users post much more frequently than others, and some users have many, many more followers than others. 
  • The application must provide a user experience that is instantaneous.
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