Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Suro: Backbone of Netflix's Data Pipeline

To make the best business and technical decisions, it is critical for Netflix to reliably collect application specific data in a timely fashion. At Netflix we deploy a fairly large number of AWS EC2 instances that host our web services and applications. They collectively emit more than 1.5 million events per second during peak hours, or around 80 billion events per day. The events could be log messages, user activity records, system operational data, or any arbitrary data that our systems need to collect for business, product, and operational analysis.

Given that data is critical to our operations and yet we allow applications to generate arbitrary events, our data pipeline infrastructure needs to be highly scalable, always available, and deliver events with minimal latency, which is measured as elapsed time between the moment when an event is emitted and when the event is available for consumption by its consumers. And yes, the data pipeline needs to be resilient to our own Simian Army, particularly the Chaos Monkeys.

While various web services and applications produce events to Suro, many kinds of consumers may process such data differently. For example, our Hadoop clusters run MapReduce jobs on the collected events to generate offline business reports. Our event stream clusters generate operational reports to reflect real-time trends. Since we may dispatch events to different consumers based on changing needs, our data pipeline also needs to be dynamically configurable.

Suro, which we are proud to announce as our latest offering as part of the NetflixOSS family, serves as the backbone of our data pipeline. It consists of a producer client, a collector server, and plugin framework that allows events to be dynamically filtered and dispatched to multiple consumers.

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