Tuesday, January 28, 2014

21 Excellent Open Source Tools for Developers

Open source applications with their source code is freely and readily available, for copyright holders by which to modify and or distribute to anyone and for any purpose. Most companies which offer open source software are able to establish an industry standard and, thus, gain a competitive advantage and furthermore establishes developer loyalty as developers feel empowered through having a sense of ownership of the end product.

Many such Open Source applications and tools are a great alternative for web developers on a frugal budget. Several of these Open Source tools encompass comparable features in comparison to other expensive applications, and are also free. This makes it possible for developers in obtaining the necessary tools and applications they require in order to complete daily tasks without having to spend anything out of pocket. In this article you will find 20 of the best open source tools for developers.

  1. Ember Chart
  2. Brimir
  3. Sir Trevor
  4. Raw
  5. Bolt
  6. PredictionIO
  7. ScrollBack
  8. StackEdit
  9. PHP and MySQL Login Script
  10. Docker
  11. MonstaFTP
  12. Kint
  13. Sixpack
  14. ExtraCSS
  15. DebugBar
  16. Chance
  17. CaseBox
  18. Ack
  19. Pico
  20. Prepos
  21. Pinry
Quite a few tools for PHP.

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