Monday, January 13, 2014

Clustered Indexes vs. Heaps

At Stack Overflow the other day, I once again found myself trying to debunk a lot of the “revealed wisdom” in the SQL Server community. You can find the post here: Indexing a PK GUID in SQL Server 2012 to read the discussion. However, this post is not about GUID or sequential keys, which I have written about elsewhere, it is about cluster indexes and the love affair that SQL Server DBAs seem to have with them.

It is interesting to note that both SQL Server and MySQL by default will create clustered primary keys on a table. On the other hand, you will find Oracle DBAs shake their heads in amazement as to why one would do such a thing. As with all “best practices” that are so widespread in the SQL Server community – the problem is that things typically a little more nuanced than the whitepapers would have you believe. And “it depends” is the worst cop-out ever.

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