Wednesday, February 19, 2014

ZeroMQ: The Design of Messaging Middleware

ØMQ is a messaging system, or "message-oriented middleware" if you will. It is used in environments as diverse as financial services, game development, embedded systems, academic research, and aerospace.

Messaging systems work basically as instant messaging for applications. An application decides to communicate an event to another application (or multiple applications), it assembles the data to be sent, hits the "send" button, and the messaging system takes care of the rest. Unlike instant messaging, though, messaging systems have no GUI and assume no human beings at the endpoints capable of intelligent intervention when something goes wrong. Messaging systems thus have to be both fault-tolerant and much faster than common instant messaging.

ØMQ was originally conceived as an ultra-fast messaging system for stock trading and so the focus was on extreme optimization. The first year of the project was spent devising benchmarking methodology and trying to define an architecture that was as efficient as possible.

Later on, approximately in the second year of development, the focus shifted to providing a generic system for building distributed applications and supporting arbitrary messaging patterns, various transport mechanisms, arbitrary language bindings, etc.

During the third year, the focus was mainly on improving usability and flattening the learning curve. We adopted the BSD Sockets API, tried to clean up the semantics of individual messaging patterns, and so on.

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