Friday, March 28, 2014

BigQuery at Khan Academy

Previously, I wrote about the three frameworks we use for data analysis at Khan Academy. Since then, we have automated the export of production data into BigQuery and are regularly using it to perform analysis. We have all but deprecated our Hive pipeline and things are going great! Here, I’ll go over what has gone well, what concerns we have, and how we set everything up.


The biggest benefits are the easy integration with other Google services, and a great querying interface. We also enjoy using the BigQuery API to pull data into various python or R analysis scripts.

Getting our data from the AppEngine datastore into BigQuery was primarily done by copying some code examples that Google has published, and hooking them up with some extra functionality like robust error checking, scheduling, and custom transformation. It was not trivial to get things working perfectly, but it was much easier than setting Hive up. Since all of the processing happens with Google libraries, it is easy to manage our data warehousing jobs alongside the management dashboards that we use for the rest of the website.

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