Monday, March 17, 2014

Lambda Architecture: Design Simpler, Resilient, Maintainable and Scalable Big Data Solutions

A data system is designed to store data. It is also designed to derive information from stored data. The desired information may be the data itself, or it can be computed from stored data. Data systems are very important and often outlive applications that are built around them. The same Oracle or SQL Server data store that powered rich client applications in the ’90s, stores data for today’s state-of-the-art single page applications. Data systems do not change as often as the surrounding application stack. It is therefore important to design data systems for the long term.

Recently, there has been a virtual explosion in the amount of data being produced, stored, and analyzed. As a consequence, data systems are subject to much more stress and are becoming more complex.

Lambda Architecture proposes a simpler, elegant paradigm that is designed to tame complexity while being able to store and effectively process large amounts of data. The Lambda Architecture was originally presented by Nathan Marz, who is well known in the big data community for his work on the Storm project.

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