Thursday, March 13, 2014

Replication As A Service, Part 1

Cloud computing vendors provide a variety of APIs for deploying and interacting with the services they provide. These APIs have grown in number along with the variety of services being offered. Initially, the ability to request and manipulate cloud compute resources was provided. This has grown to include many other infrastructure level services such as load balancing, storage, identity, DNS, images, and networking. From there APIs have moved more into platform level services including blob storage, backup, queuing, caching, databases, big data and many more. In a sense, Cloudify unifies several of these services behind a declarative (recipe) facade. This allows users to interact with the myriad APIs by interacting with Cloudify’s generic API (in the case of block storage) or recipes in a portable way. The goal of creating a replication as a service capability goes in a different direction from standardizing existing APIs, to creating a standardized cloud-neutral (and potentially inter-cloud) service that is not provided by the cloud vendors themselves. Replication as a service is built upon recent work that brought Gigaspaces XAP to the cloud. Using the existing xap-gateway recipe, the construction of a replication network is possible by hand. This post, and ones to follow, describe the process of turning this basic capability into a true cloud service, complete with multi-cloud support and REST API.

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