Thursday, March 13, 2014

REST Commander: Scalable Web Server Management and Monitoring

In the era of cloud and XaaS (everything as a service), REST/SOAP-based web services have become ubiquitous within eBay’s platform. We dynamically monitor and manage a large and rapidly growing number of web servers deployed on our infrastructure and systems. However, existing tools present major challenges when making REST/SOAP calls with server-specific requests to a large number of web servers, and then performing aggregated analysis on the responses.

We therefore developed REST Commander, a parallel asynchronous HTTP client as a service to monitor and manage web servers. REST Commander on a single server can send requests to thousands of servers with response aggregation in a matter of seconds. And yes, it is open-sourced at

Feature highlights

REST Commander is Postman at scale: a fast, parallel asynchronous HTTP client as a service with response aggregation and string extraction based on generic regular expressions. Built in Java with Akka, Async HTTP Client, and the Play Framework, REST Commander is packed with features beyond speed and scalability.

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