Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cluster Computing: Definition and Architecture of a Cluster

This article aims to give the reader a more integrated vision of what is to be the cluster computing and how it is growing every day on the world market, hopefully it will help in understanding the importance of this technology.

What is a Cluster ?
In its most basic form, a cluster is a system comprising two or more computers or systems (called nodes) which work together to execute applications or perform other tasks, so that users who use them, have the impression that only a single system responds to them, thus creating an illusion of a single resource (virtual machine). This concept is called transparency of the system. As key features for the construction of these platforms is included elevation : reliability, load balancing and performance.

Types of Clusters
High Availability (HA) and failover clusters, these models are built to provide an availability of services and resources in an uninterrupted manner through the use of implicit redundancy to the system. The general idea is that if a cluster node fail (failover), applications or services may be available in another node. These types are used to cluster data base of critical missions, mail, file and application servers.

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