Monday, April 7, 2014

Delivering eBay’s CI Solution with Apache Mesos

Problem statement

In eBay’s existing CI model, each developer gets a personal CI/Jenkins Master instance. This Jenkins instance runs within a dedicated VM, and over time the result has been VM sprawl and poor resource utilization. We started looking at solutions to maximize our resource utilization and reduce the VM footprint while still preserving the individual CI instance model. After much deliberation, we chose Apache Mesos for a POC. This post shares the journey of how we approached this challenge and accomplished our goal.

Jenkins framework’s Mesos plugin

The Mesos plugin is Jenkins’ gateway into the world of Mesos, so it made perfect sense to bring the plugin code in sync with our requirements. This video explains the plugin. The eBay PaaS team made several pull requests to the Mesos code, adding both new features and bug fixes. We are grateful to the Twitter engineering team (especially Vinod) for their input and cooperation in quickly getting these features validated and rolled out. Here are all the contributions that we made to the recently released 0.2 Jenkins Mesos plugin version. We are adding more features as we proceed.

Read the Part 1 here

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