Monday, April 28, 2014

Taba: Low Latency Event Aggregation

At TellApart we love metrics, and certainly have lots to measure. We track data for over 20,000 different event types across all parts of our stack (and that’s just the real-time data!). This information is used for all sorts of things, like monitoring, performance metrics, segmentation information, and feedback loops. In order to manage all this data, we created the Taba service (the name is derived from the Japanese for bundle or flux (束)).

In designing Taba, we had a number of goals:

  • Low latency: An event should be visible within seconds of occurring. This enables responsive monitoring, tight feedback loops, and other near-line applications. 
  • Low impact: CPU and memory usage within the client applications should be minimized. 
  • Durability: Events should be reasonably durable, so that a Taba “Tab” can be used as a basis of important services like monitoring. 
  • Scalability: All components of the Taba service should be horizontally scalable to keep up with the applications it tracks.
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