Monday, April 14, 2014

Technology Radar 2014

We’re releasing our first Technology Radar. A Technology Radar, pioneered by ThoughtWorks, is a list of the techniques, tools, platforms, languages, and frameworks divided into recommendation levels: Adopt, Trial, Assess and Hold. It’s mostly a list of things we find useful and interesting.

We’ve built our own Technology Radar for several reasons. We think it will be useful internally to help formalize our opinions on various technologies and guide our decisions on technology adoption. It’s also a useful metaphor for communication. Customers and fans of element 84 may find it useful as well. This is a trial for us. It may be our last radar or the first of many. We’ll see what the benefit is and how motivated we are to continue producing it in the future.

Our recommendations are based on our experience (or lack thereof) with a technology. We may put a tool that’s been around for a while in Assess and not Adopt if we’ve done some testing with it but haven’t made the decision yet whether it’s ready for production. If you don’t agree with our recommendation we may just have different goals or lack similar experiences to come to the same conclusions.

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