Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Using Docker for Quick And Easy Multi-Tenancy for a complex IoT application

Recently at Flux7 Labs we developed an end-to-end Internet of Things project that received sensor data to provide reports to service-provider end users. Our client asked us to support multiple service providers for his new business venture. We knew that rearchitecting the application to incorporate major changes would prove to be both time-consuming and expensive for our client. It also would have required a far more complicated, rigid and difficult-to-maintain codebase.

We had been exploring the potential of using Docker to set up Flux7 Labs’ internal development environments and, based on our findings, believed we could use it in order to avoid a major application rewrite. So we decided to use Docker containers to provide quick, easy, and inexpensive multi-tenancy by creating isolated environments for running app tier multiple instances for each provider.

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