Friday, April 4, 2014

What We Learned About Scaling with Apache Storm: Pushing the Performance Envelope

Log management isn’t easy to do at scale. We designed Loggly Gen2 using the latest social-media-scale technologies—including ElasticSearch, Kafka from LinkedIn, and Apache Storm—as the backbone of ingestion processing for our multi-tenant, geo-distributed, and real-time log management system. (If you want to learn how we did it and why, watch our presentation at last year’s AWS re:Invent or check out the slides. There’s a reason that our talk has become the most watched non-keynote talk by far.)

Since we launched Gen2, we’ve learned a lot more about these technologies. We regularly contribute back to the open source community, so I decided that it’s time to give an update on our experience with Storm and explain why we have dropped it from our platform, at least for now.

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