Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dell Doubles Application Speeds, Processes Transactions 9X Faster with In-Memory OLTP

Dell wanted to boost its website performance so that each day, its 10,000 concurrent shoppers enjoyed faster response times. The company also needed to increase its ability to support up to 1 million concurrent shoppers during the holidays. To achieve these goals, Dell is migrating mission-critical databases to Microsoft SQL Server 2014 and taking advantage of In-Memory OLTP to store some tables in memory. By doing so, Dell has sped the performance of databases by up to nine times, which has doubled the throughput capabilities of some web applications and will cut operational costs. In addition, the company can maintain 99.99 percent availability on by using SQL Server AlwaysOn; reduce the time spent on database issues and improve security; and transform what’s possible for IT database architects, which is generating a lot of excitement.

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