Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Quest For Database Scale: The 1 M TPS Challenge - Three Design Points And Five Common Bottlenecks To Avoid

About a year ago, Aerospike embarked upon a quest to increase in-memory database performance - 1 Million TPS on a single inexpensive commodity server. NoSQL has the reputation of speed, and we saw great benefit from improving latency and throughput of cacheless architectures. At that time, we took a version of Aerospike delivering about 200K TPS, improved a few things - performance went to 500k TPS - and published the Aerospike 2.0 Community Edition. We then used kernel tuning techniques and published the recipe for how we achieved 1 M TPS on $5k of hardware.

This year we continued the quest. Our goal was to achieve 1 Million database transactions per second per server; more than doubling previous performance. This compares to Cassandra’s boast of 1M TPS on over 300 servers in Google Compute Engine - at a cost of $2 million dollars per year. We achieved this without kernel tuning.

This article describes the three design points we kept in mind and the five common bottlenecks we avoided to create a simpler recipe you can follow for high performance operations with Aerospike.

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