Monday, June 16, 2014

10 reasons why web-scale infrastructure will trounce converged infrastructure 1.0

In The Register last week, a VCE spokesperson said that comparing Nutanix to Vblock is like comparing a glove box in one vehicle to an entire car. A more applicable, albeit fictional, automobile analogy would be to contrast an inexpensive Tesla with a Cadillac Escalade for commuting back and forth to work.

VCE certainly hasn’t achieved a $1.8B run rate by selling a bad solution. On the contrary, I think it represents the pinnacle of the three-tier datacenter model. I was an early public proponent of both Vblock and UCS. A couple of my early UCS blog posts still show up in the top two results when Google searching “UCS vs. Matrix”. And I helped facilitate several publicized Vblock sales while at Presidio.

But back then I didn’t know that Nutanix was already bringing web-scale architecture to the enterprise. The same reasons that Google and the other leading cloud providers eliminated SAN-based infrastructure for their primary hosting businesses are the reasons that enterprises across the globe are gravitating to web-scale converged infrastructure today. Just the administration required for SANs alone (not even counting UCS) is tremendously complex and expensive. The lack of scalability, the vulnerability to downtime, the complexity and the high cost for the equipment, rack space, power and cooling are all drivers for enterprise migration to web-scale IT.

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