Friday, June 20, 2014

Google Open-Sources FlatBuffers: Efficient, Cross-Platform, Serialization Library

The Google "Fun Propulsion Labs" team has recently open-sourced FlatBuffers. Built especially to support performance needs of game developers, FlatBuffers stores serialized data in buffers which can be either stored in files or transferred across the network as-is, without any parsing overhead.
Some key features of FlatBuffers -
  • Access to serialized data without packing/unpacking
  • Memory efficiency and speed - only memory required to access data is that of the buffer; 0 additional memory required.
  • Flexibility - forwards and backwards compatibility via optional fields
  • Tiny Code footprint
  • Strongly Typed - errors caught at compile-time instead of run-time
  • Convenience - Terse code via generated C++ headers. Optional functionality to parse schemas and JSON-like representations at runtime efficiently if needed (faster and more memory efficient than other JSON parsers)
  • Cross-Platform: Written in C++ with no dependency outside of STL, so can be used on any platform that has a C++ compiler. Currently the project includes methods to build and examples to use the library for Android, Linux, Windows and OSX.
check out the git here

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