Monday, June 16, 2014

How We Use Docker To Continuously Deliver Microservices Part 1

Docker is getting a lot of attention at the moment, with teams clearly enjoying the benefits that lightweight containers bring such as repeatability, isolation, security and consistency of environments.

As a company specialising in Continuous Delivery, our main attraction to Docker is in how it supports build and release processes. In that regard, we’ve found it to be a massive enabler for faster, more frequent and more reliable deployments and software releases.

We have recently deployed a sophisticated Docker based Continuous Delivery pipeline for a client of ours, which is working extremely well and bringing significant benefits to that development project and platform. So well in fact that on any new Continuous Delivery project from here on out, Docker will always be our first ‘port of call’ (pun intended) and a preferred toolset on which to build on for Continuous Delivery.

In this article we will describe why we have found Docker to be an excellent choice for Continuous Delivery, particularly in a our SOA and MicroService environment. In a follow up article, we’ll dig into the specifics and share details of how we have designed and implemented the specific Docker based Continuous Delivery pipeline mentioned above.

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