Thursday, June 12, 2014

Speed in Software Development

Every single CEO of any IT company wants to build software faster. Time is the most expensive and valuable resource. You can't waste it on re-work, refactoring, meetings, physical activities. Right? It depends...

Many companies grow up, slow down, and die. Good development pace is essential for surviving. Imagine, you have a really great vision proven in many circumstances by many people. You know for sure (well, that is rare in practice, but we'll fuel our imagination, OK?) that this product will be a real hit. All you need is to complete it.

You have a team of dozens talented and experienced developers, you crunch and ship something in two years. The team is exhausted. The product implements about 10% of the vision. There is a huge potential, everybody says that, but 10% is not enough to penetrate the market. You struggle for some more months, have average traction, have below average sales, have no money and, in the end, no company. Great vision is terminated by slow execution. Who to blame? Maybe the problem was too hard and two years is perfectly reasonable time frame for it. Maybe the team rushed too fast, had some good releases, but got buried by complexity and technical debt in the end. Speed in software development is an extremely complex entity. It is influenced by many things, often in a surprising way. In this article I'll try to share my thoughts about speed.

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Sally Sen said...

It's a good article.

Yes, it's tough time to keep up with the timelines and develop a perfect software with the increasing competitive environment. And awesome job with the model.

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