Thursday, June 12, 2014

Why Loggly loves Apache Kafka: Infinitely scalable messaging makes Log Management better

If you’re in the business of cloud-based log management, every aspect of your service needs to be designed for reliability and scale. Here’s what Loggly faces, daily:

  • A massive stream of incoming events with bursts reaching 100,000+ events per second and lasting several hours 
  • The need for a “no log left behind” policy: Every log has the potential to be the critical one, and our customers can’t afford for us to drop a single one 
  • Operational troubleshooting use cases that demand near real-time indexing and time series index management 
At Loggly, our growth has been both amazing and challenging. We aim to be world’s most popular cloud-based log management service, but we also want to be a great neighbor. As such, we’re committed to open source technology and to giving back to the community. Besides just sharing code, we wanted to share our knowledge.

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